• National Days is Coming Sep 30, 2019
    National Days is coming!!! Contact Miya Skype: miyazheng520  Email: sales@amikon.cn  Tel: 86-18020776792(Whats App ) QQ :2851195450  OUR WEBSITE : www.amikong.com  ABB modules 3HAC024701-004 3HAC024073-001 3HAC025154-001 3HAC024701-005 3HAC024082-001 3HAC025158-001 3HAC024701-008 3HAC024088-001 3HAC025164-001 3HAC024701-015 3HAC024102-053 3HAC025165-001 3HAC...
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  • Autumn is coming Sep 23, 2019
    Autumn is a very beautiful season.the yellow leaves of the old trees fall down to the ground,just like some lovely butterfly. meanwhile the crops on the farm begin to mature,and give people a deep impression.fall is a beautiful season as well as a harvest period.   Email: sales3@amikon.cn   TRICONEX TRICON 8307A Expansion / RXM Rack Power Supply, 230VAC TRICONEX TRICON 810...

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  • Mid-Autumn Festival Discount Sep 16, 2019
    ABB big sale!!! Contact Miya Zheng Skype: miyazheng520 Email: sales@amikon.cn Tel: 86-18020776792(Whats App ) QQ :2851195450 DSQC 302 DSQC 315 3HAC021791-001 3HAA3573-ACA 3HAB2214-1/1 3HAC021838-001 DSQC 302 DSQC 315 3HAC021841-001 3HAA3573-ACA/3 3HAB2214-1/2 3HAC021842-001 DSQC 303 DSQC 317 3HAC021843-001 3HAA3573-ADA DSQC 317 3HAC021844-001 DSQC 306 3HAB2220-1 3HAC021852-001 3HAB2241-1 DSQC...
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  • Advantage of Amikon Sep 02, 2019
                                                                                                     Amikon Limited is a control system components company,whic...

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  • There's a huge discount in September Aug 26, 2019
     September is coming   Big discount see below :                                              Honeywell 51202329-732 Honeywell 51401642-150 Honeywell 51202329-212 Honeywell 51401635-150 Honeywell 51202329-112 Honeywell 51402573-150 Honeywell 51202329-402 Honeywell 803639...
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  • Big Discount In the spring Mar 07, 2019
    Big Discount In the spring AMIKON PLC spare parts of global control system components solutions, we solda year are to provide quality assurance, and passed through a rigorous testing and certification. Advantage Brands: ★Allan-Bradley (1746,1747,1756,1769,1794,2711P..) ★TRICONEX (3008,3664,3805E.3704E,3700A 4351B...) ★YOKOGAWA (CP345,CP451-10,AMM12C,AAI141-S00...) ★ABB (07KT98 WT98,07KT97 WT97,DSQ...
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    The Qixi Festival is approaching, AMIKON prepares gifts for customers The origin of Qixi Festival Tanabata is the most romantic and most touching festival in the entire Chinese festival. In the Qixi Festival, men and women confess to each other and tell the sweetest words in their hearts. Beautiful gifts for our clients If you want to get them please contact Miya to get quotation sales@amikon.cn (...
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  • Company Activity ( Team Game ) Aug 17, 2018
    Beach   Game In order to invigorate the team atmosphere and consolidate the team's unity, our company held a beach game competition, two groups of confrontation, the game  is   in full swing. Enjoin our dinner time if you need below , please contact : sales@amikon.cn 1. ABB  (DSQC, AC800M,OCS 07KT97/07AI/07DI,PM645,etc) 2. BENTLY (3500,3300 system sereis) 3....
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    In an exclusive interview with AUTOMATED, Jonathan Wilkins met with the Engineering Association Women's Association (WES) chairman Benita Mehra, a charity that collaborate with educators, employers and influencers to encourage gender balance to meet the needs of engineering organizations today. AUTOMATED: Can you give me some background on the Women in Engineering Society and its aims? Mehra: Back...
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