Supply with all strength, fight against the epidemic! The needs of the country and the people are the orders of our actions Mar. 16,2020

The Spring Festival in 2020 is bound to be recorded in history because of a war without gunpowder. Among them, there will be a stroke of peace and prosperity.

In January 23rd, the novel coronavirus Epidemic Prevention Command Headquarters issued a circular in Wuhan, which was temporarily closed from the Han passage. The social media was everywhere "Wuhan refueling and crossing the difficulties" propaganda; the 84 year old academician Zhong Nanshan rushed to the forefront of Wuhan's epidemic prevention; at this moment, medical staff cancelled the Spring Festival holiday and were on standby for 24 hours.

In this special and urgent period, in order to ensure the supply of nucleic acid extractor equipment urgently needed for virus gene screening, Hollysys group, a health source company specialized in large-scale medical and health undertakings under the company and its suppliers, organized the project team to work overtime, silently participated in the fight against the epidemic, and did its best to guarantee the equipment on the front line of the fight against the epidemic demand

Assembly and debugging

Assembly of whole machine

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ABB GD C780BE 3BHE004468R0021
ABB DCC779BE 3BHE006806P201
ABB CSA463AE HIEE400103R0001 
ABB UAC326AE HIEE401481R001
ABB FM 9925A-E HIEE401481R0001 
ABB PPC322BE HIEE300900R001 
ABB GD9924BE. V2,HIEE401091R0002
ABB AFC094AE02 HIEE200130R0002
ABB 3BHE028959R0101 PPC902CE101 3BHE028960P106
ABB 3BHE028959R0101/028960P106,PPC902CE101 HIEE410513P102
ABB 3BHE009017R0102 XV C724 BE102
ABB 3BHE024855R0101 UFC921A101
ABB PM866K02  3BSE050199R1

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